Hire Me

I look forward to exploring the opportunity to help your company. Please send an email if you are interested in working together—I speak German and English. I am located in the Rhine-Neckar region of Germany (CET timezone) but I work remotely for projects around the world.


I maintain a diverse skillset in research, software, design, automation, and teaching.

Visualization & Data Analysis
  • Hand-tailored interactive visualization systems
  • Exploratory data analysis and visual reports
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Statistical analysis and machine learning
  • Data wrangling, cleaning, and scrapping
Research & Software Engineering
  • Research, prototyping, and creating MVPs
  • Software performance issues and optimization
  • Refactoring and improving user interfaces
  • Continuous integration and automation pipelines

Technologies & Skills

  • Systems programming in Rust and other low-level languages
  • Distributed ledger technology (DLT) and blockchains
  • Backend development with MongoDb, InfluxDb, and Grafana
  • Web programming with TypeScript and frameworks like Svelte, d3, and WebGL
  • Performance optimization of web applications using WebAssembly (Wasm)
  • Graphics programming with modern graphics APIs such as WebGPU